Let me take you on a journey…


Imagine if you were to wake up tomorrow and you felt awakened and aligned.

As your feet touch the floor, you ask your higher self what you need to do that day and your higher self illuminates your area of work, your brilliance.

You know what you need to design, create, or heal that day and it feels good to do it.

You feel your feet planted firmly beneath you, grounding you into your foundation so that you can feel supported as you co-create your dream life.

You are deeply rooted.

You feel a divine connection to your inner co-creator and you can comfortably channel what it asks of you and act on that channeled guidance with grace and ease. It comes through with clarity.

You are a divine creator.

You feel powerful, valuable, and worthy of creating your desires and manifesting them into the Earth plane.

You have a deep knowingness that you were made for this, and you are meant to be here. Whether you are healing ancestral wounds, aligning to your divine mission, or co-creating your best day ever, you know that it is exactly what you are to be doing.

You are a powerful light being.

Your heart feels nourished and supported, and your emotions feel safe and comfortable. Even when you have emotions like sadness, anger, guilt, despair, or doubt you have a deep trust that all will be okay.

You feel safe in honoring your emotions and you trust that you know how to be one with them while still powerfully co-creating your dream life.

You are intimate and vulnerable with yourself.

Your ability to speak your desires and truth into the world flows effortlessly, it comes through with gentle assertiveness.

You easily share politely and intimately, and you speak up about your boundaries and needs.

You also know how to have them met, both through your voice and your personal powers.

You are a channel of truth.

You can intuitively tune into and connect with anything, and you release your attachment to resistance.

You trust the messages and guidance that is offered to you from your higher self and you follow it faithfully, even if you do not yet have evidence that it will work out, and it always works out.

You are divinely guided and connected.

You feel an abundance of support and stability from source, the Universe, God, the angels, or your guides. (Whatever you choose to call them.)

You feel a foundation rooted deeply in the greater beyond, and you know that this foundation is just as supportive as your foundation here, on earth.

Does this sound like the life you desire?

How would it feel to have deep, unwavering faith in every step of your journey because you know that you can trust?

What if you were so soulfully aligned that even on the days you feel a little off, you still feel connected and at peace?

Imagine if everything you needed, wanted, or desired could be aligned into your field with ease because you were deeply plugged into the magic of co-creation?

What if this could become your new normal?

It can, and it will.

I designed Awaken and Align as the go-to group course for women who are

ready to experience connection and alignment as a part of their new normal.

This is for the woman who…

  • is ready to welcome the light into her life and step past the shadow behaviors of resistance, self-sabotage, and “blocks.”

  • knows that she is here to be a beautiful source of light energy for the collective, and who is ready to embody and embrace it.

  • wants to personally experience that divine connection as much as she wants to share it and allow it to support her in nurturing and supporting others around her.

  • is ready for her next divine level, and for the map to get to every level beyond.

  • is ready to release the word “level” and see life as an ever-expanding system of growth and flow.

If you are ready to release the need to measure yourself by levels, align with your soul,

grow every day and allow that expanded energy to nourish and fulfill you

through every step of the way - this is for you.

Awaken and Align

  • Inside of Awaken and Align you are going to be guided to awaken (and continue to awaken) all seven bodily chakras, connect to divine light energy, and create harmony, unity, and flow within yourself on a daily basis.

  • This program is designed to provide massive transformation through a gentle container of energy that will support you in raising your energetic frequencies to create at a higher level, consistently.

  • By the time we have completed our 12 weeks together, you will have a system in place that allows you to awaken and align your energies consistently and make a living (and then some) from that awakened and aligned space a part of your brand new normal - every single day.

  • This means that no matter how many awakenings, periods of growth, or transformations you endure, you will always be equipped with the tools to balance and align in that new energy and lock it in as a part of your new normal. Growth, expansion, raising your vibrations, ascension, and alignment will all become a part of your natural and normal state of being.

The important details…

Awaken and Align is a 12 week light activation and chakra awakening program designed to align and balance your energies so that you can live in a sovereign state of  allowance, abundance, connectedness, harmony, unity, growth, empowerment, flow, passion, peace, and creation.


  • 12 weeks of support in awakening and aligning your energies (Starting March 5th, 2019)

  • 12 weekly Awakening 90 minute group calls: Learn about and awaken to different energies in your body, mind, and soul

  • 12 weekly Alignment 90 minute group calls: Balancing the newly awakened energies

  • 3 group Q&A calls (one per month) to support you and your group members with further growth

  • 3 private 1:1 calls to support you in your personal growth (in weeks 3, 6, and 9)

  • 11 pre-recorded meditations: Balance your chakras, cleanse with light energy, develop each individual chakra’s abilities, and how to awaken and fall asleep to aligned energies

  • An intimate group of no more than 10 other women so that we can focus on Divine growth

  • Private Facebook group for additional support

  • Messenger & email access to me for the 12 weeks

  • Lifetime access to the sacred and powerful Facebook group container for awakening, aligning, and raising your vibration.

  • Recordings of all 24 calls plus your 3 private calls

  • Weekly homework to support you in integrating and embodying your transformation

  • Personalized spiritual and practical guidance so that you can really lock in and use what you learn

Who is your guide?

Julie - AKA me ;) - is your group guide for this 12 week program. I am a student of the sacred Universe, and a divine channel for light energy and information. I had my first spiritual experiences as early as my first memories, when I was surrounded by spirit guides and angels who protected me. I astral projected as a young child and always found it to be fun to play with my soul and my spiritual energies and talents. When I was 8 I had a shadow awakening where I had my conscious awareness dive deep into the energy and reality of my shadow self. I spent ten years illuminating my shadow, observing my pain body, healing, and growing.

When I was 18 I had a light energy awakening and began to embody who I am on this beautiful planet: a light worker. I have spent the past five plus years learning about light energy, understanding how to bring it in and balance it, honoring both my light and shadow selves, and growing as an individual. One of the most powerful tools that has allowed me to accelerate and integrate my personal and spiritual growth is learning how to work with my personal energy in a deep and profound way, that brings about powerful shifts in my physical reality.

That is why I know Awaken and Align is such a powerful program: because I am helping you do the same. I am sharing with you all that I have learned in 15 years of being consciously awake and aware of both my shadow and light self in a way that allows you to integrate and work with your energies alongside gentle guidance and support.

Essentially, I am taking all of what I have learned and providing you with the gentle nurturing and nourishing guidance that I always wished I had available to me through my awakenings and growth. I wholeheartedly believe that this is so valuable and so needed, and I trust that those who are ready to walk hand-in-hand with someone who gets it are going to effortlessly find this program and allow themselves to access the support they need. We have big work to do on this beautiful planet, and accelerating our own and each other’s growth is a big opportunity to allow us to make that work manifest and affect major changes now.

Is this group for you?

The sacred exchange for this group is $1,111 USD


*4 x monthly payments of $333 USD.

*first payment is due at checkout, then will reoccur on 3/14/19, 4/14/19, and 5/15/19*

(if a payment is missed Julie reserves the right to remove you from the group program, please contact Julie us if you have further questions or concerns.)


I want you to know that if you are here, reading this right now

feeling butterflies in your stomach, heart strings being plucked, and a sort of familiarity in the picture I just painted of you embodying your full potential…

then you’re ready.

I encourage you to take a deep breath close your eyes, and focus on what you’re feeling inside, if it’s a resounding yes, trust that the universe is guiding you into the direction of the highest good.

Trust the pull, the nudge, the feeling in your throat that says “yes”.

I am here to support you, and can’t wait to share this sacred space of transformation with you!

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